About Zhenxie Group

Company Profile

Zhenxie always strives to carry out the domestic market and expand the international markets, enjoying the high reputation all over the world.

Zhenxie carefully handle with the relationship of employees, suppliers, customers, government, and public environment, and benefiting more and more people.


Founded in 2007, Fuzhou Zhenxie Pipe Co.,Ltd is located in the fuzhou which is the capital of Fujian province, including Fujian GENS Metal Technology Development Co., Ltd, SCOTTFRIO Technologies Co.,Ltd, Beijing Zhenxie Pipe Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Zhenxie Pipe Co., Ltd, Shanghai Zhenxie Pipe Co., Ltd, Hong Kong Zhenxie Pipe Co., Ltd, and Xiamen Zhenxie Pipe Co., Ltd.

 Zhenxie has more than 5000 kinds of products, which are widely used in central air conditioning pipe, metal water system, drinking water pipelines, ships, medical oxygen pipelines, gas pipelines, hotels, roofing decoration and other copper decoration fields. 

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